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What He Fears: Desires 

Book 4 

Andrew is struggling. One night of drinking is about to change his life. Enter Nick, who is mad for Rory. But Nick is a complicated man. More than Andrew realizes. Curiosity killed the cat, what will it do to Andrew?

Publishing May 9th. Get ready for Rory.

Crystal Dane is back and Sheriff 

Grantly Boone Mullin wants to 

reconnect. But her mother's

disappearance is a puzzle he must

solve. How will that change thing 

for them?

Tore, AKA Out-The-Door Olson and 

Alyona, AKA 'Ally'  Ksana Petrov

Tore wanted her on his boat but preferably in his bed not his captain's chair. Worse, she may be a better captain.  Injured, he takes the help offered because if he doesn't make the boat's balloon payment he could lose the Valley Girl. 

The poacher stealing both his fish and his pots compounds the whole pile of shit. 

And one of Readfree.ly's 

50 best books of 2017!

Our own K.H. Bixby for 

Minefield at #43   www.readfree.ly

Contemporary Romance - New Adult 18+

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Inspirational Romance

Paranormal Romance

Ken is as solitary as they come. Alicia is about to give up on attracting the man. Illia, his cousin turns up with a girlfriend and this might be Alicia's only chance. Can she get past Ken's defenses? 

Connections Magazine - More Authors to explore!

Bells! Bells! and More Bells. 
The Bells of Winter!
A Multi Genre set For your
entertainment this winter. 

What He Hides. 

Everett is lonely. He needs someone but isn;t sure where he can find that certain someone. Enter Xavier, Andrew's kid brother all grown up. 

The Twisted Laird  18+

M/M Romance with a
Twist of Kink
In Print Soon!

What He


Matt Simpson is notorious for his bad decisions. From his rocky teenage years to his tumultuous early twenties, he's made a lot of mistakes. His latest, greatest, and perhaps stupidest of them all was his recent pursuit of his boss, the unattainable Steve Paulson. Desperate to make the man notice him, and knowing Steve would never get involved with an employee, Matt quits his job.

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Love Dark Reads?

Stockholm Syndrome at it's worst.

Without question eighteen (18) or over. 



Humorous Erotica 

Thriller Short

MM Erotic Romance (18+)


Sic-Fi Fantasy Boy and his Cat.

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Short Stories (PS Some are free at Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.)

Old folks can get steamy.

Romantic Suspense (18+)


Erotic Escape 18*