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Xaviera Snow is the pen name, the nom de plume if you will, of Bestselling Author Michele E. Gwynn, author of The Checkpoint, Berlin Detective Series, Harvest Trilogy, Angelic Hosts Series, and several stand alones. A freelance journalist in San Antonio, Texas, Gwynn wrote for newspaper, community magazines, and contributed articles to several sites focusing on film, celebrity interviews, and of course, sex and relationships!

Although many of her novels contain adult situations, they are still tame by comparison to the spicy stories created by her sensual alter ego, Xaviera Snow. Writing erotica under a pen name is like donning a mask at a ball. We all know who wears the mask, but the fun is in forgetting, and becoming someone else for just a little while.
Xaviera invites you to check your inhibitions at the door, and indulge your inner goddess.



At thirty-five, Claire Townsend found herself fatigued, fifteen pounds overweight, and in need of medical help. When Doctor Marie Petit prescribes a month-long stay at an exclusive spa on a remote island off the French Riviera, Claire believes she's being sent for some rest and physical rehabilitation, but when she arrives, the 'spa' is not at all what she expected, and neither is her assigned trainer, Cade Malone.

When the hot therapist puts her through her paces, shy Claire discovers she's about to get not only a workout, but worked over by a man who knows exactly what she needs! Cade's daily exercise routine leaves her breathless, and begging for more as Queen's Island reveals its sexy, yet discreet, secrets.

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