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Paper Gold Publishing

The Gold Standard in books.


Ian Styer was born, sadly, not as a dragon in Bellingham, Washington USA in


Regretting this as a child, he decided to live as one anyway. From a

young age he sat in his small cave and drew vivid pictures of what his life could have been.

Starting at about 4, he grew tired of simply coloring what other people had already drawn, as he saw more fun and better energy in making the pictures that others would only be able to color. This helped to shape his logic throughout the course of his life and enabled him to see things from an abstract (and admittedly more fun) point of view.

Like most dragons, Ian enjoys fires with meat to cook on them. Yes - people are welcome in his life, contrary to his biological belief about himself.

Ian also enjoys playing the banjo, riding mountain bikes with his family, sitting and creating creatures, and a bottle of fine wine or whiskey.

Ian is the artist behind many bespoke drawings. He has designed the Dragil, a butterfly-dragon imagined by our author Holly Barbo. He is also currently sketching the mutant rat imagined by the winner of our Summer 2016 Battle Of The Titans Competition.


images are



don't steal.

Some more graphics from Ian