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Paper Gold Publishing

The Gold Standard in books.



Book 1

Francis labels herself as "fat and forty." How in the world she came to be living with the guitar player for a popular Alaska band is a wonder to her. Monte is a groupie magnet, and Francis is waiting for him to tell her it's over. The text message she gets from him after he returns home from a weekend gig, sets off a major fight when Francis accuses

Monte of being a cheat. Monte did something, but what?


Book 3

A young woman makes the terrible discovery that the man she idolizes is not her father. Worse, he won both her mother and her in a card game.

Emma Kay is devastated and unable to handle the news. A look at Life and Love in Alaska.

Life and Love in Alaska, Volume 5

Mike has every reason to be careful. His business leaves him open to threats and possibly violence. He is suspicious of the woman hanging around the dilapidated old garage near the road. What is she doing on his property?

Angie saw the little kitten on the way to work. The poor little thing is living under the old shed.

She wants to rescue it before the temperature drops so low it freezes to death. The big man is intimidating, but the kitten needs help, and she’ll take on the irate homeowner if she has too.

Homesteader Blues Book 2

Sweet, short, contemporary romance. Tina has been putting up with no running water on their farm for over twelve years. Jimmy gets her and the kids out of the house for a week. His aim is to build a bathroom for his wife.

Nothing and no one will sidetrack his surprise for Tina, and that includes teen angst and broken equipment.

A self-described red-neck, dirt farmer, Jimmy is smarter than he looks. The country boy knows how to keep his wife happy, and Tina appreciates his efforts.

Life and love in Alaska can take some real twists and turns but nothing this homesteader can’t handle. boy knows how to keep his wife happy, and Tina appreciates his efforts.

Life and love in Alaska can take some real twists and turns but nothing this homesteader can’t handle.

Road Talk Book 4

Molly only takes chances while driving. Life burned her, and she isn’t ready to open herself up to new wounds. Louis, Lou for short, knows more about the woman than Molly likes. When she discovers Lou crewed with her dead husband, Molly wonders how much Davis Lee told his shipmate about her.

Traffic Control Volume 6

Contemporary second chance romance, Ace knew it was her at first glance. Dressed in jeans and a neon yellow safety vest, the woman holding the traffic control sign was the grown-up version of the girl who ran out on him years ago. The stop sign in her hand said it all; stop thinking about her and forget her name.

Adele wanted another chance with the man.

Would he even listen to her? Every time he sat in the line of cars she held in place waiting to use the one lane, she wanted to walk up to his truck. But how could she? Adele ran out on him.

Back Bay

Volume 7

A young woman makes a discovery that brings her closer to her family and a better understanding of her home.

Turk doesn't understand what his father-in-law has against him. His uncle isn't helping his home life either.

It's the end of the season and time for the snowbirds to leave. Irene 'Ornery' Maddox needs to know if Fawke is going to leave. Fawke's choice depends on her. 

You're never too old to need love. But on the garage floor?

Christmas is nearly ruined by

a disaster of epic


but ............

as long as

they are all

safe, it will

work out. 

Christmas in Willow is a little early. But it may be too late to heal a family rift.