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Sean P. Gallatin 

has lived in Alaska since he was a small child. A very private person by nature, some Alaskans are like that, he tends to keep his personal life to himself. 

An ex-Navy man, on returning home he found music to be his first love. While playing in a band, he has seen the seamier side of Alaska up close. During the late 1980s and early 1990s, Anchorage was still trying to come to grips with having a fire hose nozzle of oil money flowing freely. Sean got to watch a lot of people and situations from the stage. It is surprising how people tend to ignore the band. There are more tales waiting to be told. 

A dark and gritty look at the underbelly of Alaska. 

Must be over 18 for this one. 

What would you do to give someone you love a little more time on this world? 

Some senior citizens are far more dangerous than they appear. 

A love affair with a car is entirely justified when she keeps you alive.